merryl custers

Visual Artist

Public Works                                                                                                               ©2015 Merryl Custers

RISE NETWORK, Midland  // Mural Commissions - September 2015


The Boab Tree, native to Western Australia, has historically been used as a place of shelter to Indigenous communities, and as such, it felt fitting to include the spirit of this tree at Kira House, a place of refuge and shelter today.


Through use of native Australian flora imagery, (Eucalyptus Tree and kangaroo paws), I wanted to transform the inside space into a space that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the Australian outdoors, and in doing so, the beauty and wonder of the Australian spirit.

PUBLIC STREET MURAL - Penedes, Spain - 2015

PUBLIC MURAL COLLECTIVE - Mas Els Igols Artist Residency, Penedes, Spain - 2015

Murals / Performance Art / Production Design // 2013 - 2015